4 Facts about Bhopal AIRPORT

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1- In 2013, Bhopal Airport became the first airport in the state to use solar power for running its utility grid system. A 100-kilowatt solar power plant was made operational in June 2013, with plans to install a one-megawatt solar power plant at the airport in the future. The airport has night landing facilities, an Instrument Landing System (ILS) and CAT VII fire services.

2-  A new Air Cargo Hub is being planned with land being sanctioned near the airport for the same, while for now, the old terminal building has been redeveloped into a Cargo Complex to increase cargo operations from the capital airport. The temporary Air Cargo Complex will be inaugurated in January 2020.

3- In September, the Ministry of  Civil Aviation started the process for granting international status to Raja Bhoj Airport. In November 2019, a joint central team composed of members of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation visited the airport to review the arrangements in starting immigration facilities, and did not find any major hurdles. The airport is all set to become an immigration check post and custom, which is a mandatory requirement for operating international flights.

4- To enable large aircarft to operate at the airport, the length of the runway was increased to 2,744 metres (9,003 ft) in 2010. The first international flight from Bhopal was to Jeddah, a Hajj charter flown by Saudia on October 23, 2010 for Hajj travellers.

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