5 Facts Of Mangaluru International Airport

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  1. The Mangaluru International Airport, erstwhile known as the the Bajpe Aerodrome, saw the light of the day on December 25, 1951, with the arrival of former Prime Minister Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru on a DC-3, Dakota aircraft.
  2. The airport is the 2nd international airport after Bengaluru in Karnataka.

  3. A table-top runway of length 2,450 m was made operational on May 10, 2006. Made of rigid concrete, it was mainly built for safe operations of aircraft during monsoons.

  4. Mangaluru International Airport has achieved the highest ASQ rating of 4.87 on a 5 point scale for the year 2018 and achieved the ‘Cleanest Airport’ award in 2017 in Category B Airports managed by the Airports Authority of India.

  5. Mangaluru is the chief port city of Karnataka.  Bound by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain ranges, it serves as the gateway to all major educational, tourist and religious destinations on the Southern Coast of India.

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