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Continuing its tradition of celebrating the fervour of Independence Day,  AAI airports contested for the title of the Best Decorated Airport

Revisiting the vigorous endeavours of India’s ardent patriots and the enthusiastic spirits of the compatriots, Airports Authority of India(AAI), commemorated India’s 73rd Independence Day. The day was celebrated all across AAI airports, under which the traditional competition of awarding the Best Decorated Airport was held. Decked in tri-colour, AAI airports celebrated the day and the best ones were selected amongst them. The decorations at the airports included lighting of the building, adorned departure and arrival gates with tri-colours. Few AAI airports ornamented their premises using eco-friendly materials like paper, jute and cost effective LED lights. Led by the Hon’ble Chairman, Shri Anuj Aggarwal, the event witnessed the participation of 40 AAI airports in the competition in three different categories and the top three airports in each category were selected.

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