At The Airport

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Actor Tahir Bhasin’s love for airports and aircraft has been quite evident since his childhood days

My first memory of an Indian airport is the Gwalior Airport since this was where my father, who served in the Indian Air Force, was posted. It was a tiny airport but as a kid it was mesmerising; it was the playground for my childhood imaginations and my first introduction to a world that was waiting to be explored. In the early 90’s, this airport was a shared location between Defence and Civil aviation. As a child, it was fascinating to see a mix of Air India flights and Mirage 2000 fighter jets taking off and land. Till date, the airport remains close to my heart because it is so clean and well-organised.

The Hyderabad Airport is also a favourite. It is a global standard airport with an ultra-modern design, convenient distance to baggage claim and super organised support staff. They make travelling such a breeze! The Business Lounge at Mumbai International Airport is the best for its range of services, food and beverage options and ease of access to boarding gates.

My favourite way to pass time before boarding is to browse the book stalls for the latest best sellers. I have often stumbled upon some great reads while doing this at airports. If you have a take-away cappuccino on the side, it is the perfect combination with a good book.

Having said that, I would love for Indian airports to have more healthy food options that include salads, juices and fresh fruit. Also, it would be great if we had higher speed with airport Wi-Fi, since network connectivity slows down at airports.

(As told to Aarti Kapur Singh)

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