At the airport

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The amount I travel is almost like I am living out of airplanes! I always get paranoid looking out when the plane takes off! And I remember my mom would ply me with toffees and start singing to distract me. It is almost embarrassing to remember how badly behaved I was. Even now I prefer road or train journeys because there is just so much to see and even do. But having said that, flights are so much more convenient because of the reduction in travel time. Also, now flying has become so much easier and the airports have a lot to do with it, with all sorts of cafes, shopping and spas that you can find there.

Internationally, I am a huge fan of the New York Airport and also Heathrow in London for the kind of technological advancements they have. Singapore’s Changi Airport is also really pretty. But I am actually a bigger fan of smaller airports – both in India and abroad. Take the Maldives, for example. I love the experiences that travel, holidays and vacations bring and the smaller airports are so rich in that aspect. In India, I love the Kolkata Airport – I love that Bengali vibe – the décor, colour there. Also Delhi Airport – yes it is huge and that can be inconvenient sometimes but the way it has been decorated is amazing with so many different artworks, sculptures etc.

Even some non-metro airports in India are just so beautiful and quaint. Srinagar is one airport I absolutely love. You must go there when the apple trees are in full bloom and the sight of the trees as soon as you exit the airport is breathtaking. It is almost like nature is welcoming you to what is called heaven on earth, and justifiably so. Goa Airport also has this instant welcome vibe. I never feel out of place in Goa and the way the airport is has a lot to do with it.

My profession has allowed me the luxury to be able to travel to places for work but meeting new people while you travel is the biggest charm. I love meeting and talking to people wherever I go. Sometimes the fans will want to take selfies, sometimes paparazzi will be there. But they don’t bother me at all! In fact, I hardly ever get irritated with people who show love. A lot has been made of my so-called ‘airport style’, but honestly, I don’t think I have that! Style, clothing, make-up, hair, everything you do must go with your personality. It’s about how you feel, not about what you want people to think of you. So I stick to that. But given the choice, I would pick beach dressing over any kind of dressing because you don’t have to dress up at all! You can wear a pair of chappals and still look fashionable.

But yes, the one thing I am very particular about, during air travel is my sunscreen and moisturiser. I am paranoid about not travelling without it!

(As told to Aarti Kapur Singh)

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