Chocolates Go Pink

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Ruby chocolates are the newest rage that is changing the way chocolates will be perceived going forward.

Dark, milk and white, these are the three words that strike your mind when you hear chocolate. But after 80 years of research and development that is going to change. Pink is the newest chocolate colour and the largest innovation we tend to see after the discovery of white chocolates.

Ruby Rules

After over a decade’s work, Barry Callebaut unraveled the Ruby cholcolates. These chocolates are made naturally, without the use of any artificial colours, flavours or additives. The chocolates and their alluring pink colour is due to the ruby cocoa beans, which grow under distinctive conditions found in Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast.

“Ruby is named after the dusty-pink colour that occurs naturally from the fermentation process of ruby cocoa beans. Fermentation also helps in developing the aroma of the cocoa beans prior to sun-drying, cleaning, roasting and processing into chocolate,” say Nivedita & Uma, Co-Founders, Chocolate Philosophy. The CEO of Barry Callebaut AG, De Saint-Affrique says that the unusual colour comes from the powder extracted during processing and no berries or colours are added.

It is not only the colour that makes the ruby chocolate different from the rest. Ruby offers a totally new taste experience. A chocolate that is neither bitter,milky or sweet but has a sour tangy berry-fruit flavour and a luscious, creamy texture to it.

Flavour Fix

The unique fresh berry taste unlocks a dazzling taste experience. Ruby chocolates can be paired well with a lot of spices, fruits and nuts like vanilla, ginger, mint, passion fruit, lychee, apricot, almonds to mention a few.

Anuj Rustagi, Chief Operating Officer, Chocolate, Coffee and New Categories – Food Division, ITC Limited says, “each chocolate has its own flavour and contrasting texture and taste that works well when it comes to pairings. The perfect chocolate pairing is one where the flavours do not overpower each other but rather complement.” He adds that the Indian palette has a liking for the nutty flavours and is the reason why Gianduja was the popular chocolate creation to infuse with ruby to create Fabelle Ruby Gianduja. Gianduja is an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era. Ruby pairs naturally well with red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, to name a few.

“Some surprising eccentric combinations of fruits that suit well with ruby chocolates are apple, plum, peach and apricot. Vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, potato, tomato, red pepper, sweet potato and cauliflower are also popular choices which additionally create fascinating combos.” says Rustagi.

Given its exquisite taste and luscious smoothness, Ruby chocolates make an excellent alternative for regular gifting choices. So add a pink twist to your chocolates and feel the magic unfold.

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