Cosy Gateways

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Away from the urban chaos, snuggle up with your favourite books at these cosy book cafes

Café Turtle

One of Delhi’s most charming cafés, Café Turtle was set up to complement the Full Circle Bookstores. The idea was to create a peaceful and lively space where people could meet over aromatic coffee, fresh juice and delicious cakes, exchange ideas over wholesome global cuisine and relax and feel rejuvenated in a beautiful environment with friends and family. Today it is a name that is popular all over the world.

Serving vegetarian dishes, the philosophy of the café is reflected in the carefully planned menus prepared using seasonal vegetables and fruits, bringing its patrons a joyful experience to nourish not only the body but the mind and soul as well.

Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows started in 2010 as an online comic book home delivery service that was run out of an apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. The owners wanted a physical space that was inspired by the manga libraries/ cafes (kissatens) of Japan. Finally, in 2012 they launched their very own comic book cafe in Versova, Mumbai. From a small little coffee shopcum-book cafe in a quiet corner, Leaping Windows is now a fullfledged restaurant.

“Back in 2010, it was hard to buy graphic novels. What was available at book stores was expensive, and it was always hard to find a series in its entirety. We wanted to encourage people to start taking comics more seriously,” says Bidisha Basu, owner of Leaping Windows. They wanted people to be able to be more adventurous in their reading – to be able to pick up a book just for the heck for it without worrying about the price. Their menu is a mix of flavours from Italian to Mexican and Southern American.

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta is a space dedicated to regional literature, delicious baked goodies and events for the whole family. In Kannada, the word ‘atta’ refers to play, both sports and theatre, whereas ‘galatta’ refers to having fun. It has a small cafe that serves filter coffee and a variety of freshly baked items.

Atta Galatta takes culture seriously. They’ve got over 10,000 books, in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and English. During the weekends, they even arrange activities where people can participate in poetry readings, book reading, storytelling, theatre, film screenings and children workshops in an intimate setting.

With hundreds of books waiting for you, the fresh aroma of something just-baked wafting through the air, the café has a serene atmosphere, and is the reason why it is one of the most popular cafes amongst the tourists and even locals.

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