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Welcoming the season of cold winds, warm blankets, Christmas celebrations are synonymous with gastronomical indulgence

Words: Chhavi Nagpal

Christmas, every year, brings with it a pleasant time when families and friends gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Come Christmas, there are lights, laughter and carols in the air. One of the season’s most looked-forward-to offerings though, are the feasts. Christmas is an excellent opportunity to binge on desserts. In a land as diverse as India, each state and religion has their own ideas and traditions about winter food and Christmas delights. Here, we list down some delectable Christmas desserts to try out this season:

Yule log cake
Burning yule logs at Christmas is a tradition as old as the festival itself. Eventually, over centuries, the Yule Log made its way to people’s kitchens, only to be put into the oven instead of the fireplace to create a yummy dessert. The yule log, also known as Kerststronk, is made of a chocolate sponge roll layered with cream and frosted with chocolate buttercream. It is a kind of a sweet roulade. As easy as the description makes it sound, it can be quite complex to prepare, with its chocolate icing covering and intricate presentation. Sometimes marzipan mushrooms, marzipan holly sprigs, spun sugar cobwebs and cherries are added to give a special touch to the pudding!

Hot Cocoa Cheesecake minis

Cheesecakes are a favourite for their creamy richness with a crusty texture combined with endless variety of flavours and toppings. Pretty simple to make, just crush up some oreos, mix them with butter and press into cupcake liners and place in the oven for baking. While it’s baking, you can make the cheesecake filling. The adorable minis take only 22 minutes to bake and then 2-3 hours to cool. Your cheesecake minis will be incomplete without whipped cream, a sprinkling of cocoa powder and crushed candy cane and a few marshmallows. The minis are pretty festive, especially with their edible chocolate handles.

Candied Popcorn Stars

Winter is the best season for candy-making. Another famous Christmas dessert are the popcorn stars, which were originally meant to be hung on the Christmas tree. However, they end up making their way to people’s stomachs. Red and green candy beads, sugar, popped corn, cinnamon candles, corn syrup and lots of butter and vanilla are infused together in the sauce pan to create this delight. Cookie cutter or shaped by hand, the stars are definitely a joy. Light on the tummy, small in size, you can easily snack on them while dancing around, decorating your house. You can try combining different sweets, spices or fruits for this unusual festive snack.

No matter where you go this season, you’ll find tempting food scents following you. So grab your forks and make the most of this feasting season! Merry Christmas!

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