The Tea City of India

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One of the most illustrious cities of Assam, Dibrugarh is a charming town offering peace, beauty, history and lots of greenery

Located in the North-Eastern corner of the country, Dibrugarh is a small industrial city in the wonderful state of Assam. Sitting on the banks of the river Brahmaputra and surrounded by sprawling tea estates, it is known as Ti-Phao in Ahom language, which means the ‘Place of Heaven’. The city is emerging as communication and industrial hub of Northeast India. Its economy thrives on three booming businesses: tea, oil and tourism. With over 144 tea gardens, Dibrugarh has rightly earned the sobriquet as the ‘Tea City of India’. It has a humid subtropical climate with extremely wet summers and relatively dry winters. Dibrugarh city is dotted with numerous attractions and it has several interesting things to do.

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary

The only rainforest in Assam, Dehing Patkai is located partly in Dibrugarh and partly in the Tinsukia district and is also known as the ‘Amazon of the East’. Receiving the status of a sanctuary in 2004, this sanctuary consists of three parts, Jeypore, upper Dihing river and Dirok rainforest. The Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for wildlife lovers, with Hoolock Gibbon, Stump-tail macaque, Himalayan black bear, Golden cat etc calling this place their home. Apart from wild animals, the birds that make frequent visits to the sanctuary include yellow-vented warbler, white-winged duck, march bubbler, brown fish owl etc. The Dehing Patkai festival takes place in February and is a great time to visit this place, though, on other counts, the best time to visit would be between September to March, when many new birds fly in and call it their home.

Jeypore Rainforest

Jeypore Forest in Dibrugarh is something that you cannot afford to miss. Nature is at its best here. The forest is rich in flora & fauna and it comes under world heritage of evergreen rainforest. The forest is famous for its biodiversity. Here, you can see over 102 species of orchids. The best time to visit the area is during the Rainforest festival, which takes place during the second week of February and is one-of-a-kind. The festival offers a number of adventure activities like rafting, camping, trekking, elephant riding and bird watching. The best way to get there is to take a cab from the nearest town, Naharkatia, or book one directly from the Mohanbari Airport also called Dibrugarh International Airport.

Namphake Village

Amongst the many tourist attractions on the outskirts of Dibrugarh, Namphake village is another place that will grab your attention. This village is home to many Tai Phakey families. There is a beautiful Buddhist monastery located in the Namphake Village, which is a meditation centre and a popular tourist spot. The serene surrounding and natural beauty of the place makes it a real crowd-puller. The people living here are followers of Buddhism and their beliefs and traditions are very strong. There is a golden statue of Lord Buddha in the main temple and an Ashoka pillar nearby. There is a water tank inside the monastery called the Mucalinda Tank, which is considered to be holy. The calm environment of this place makes it very soothing for the soul. If you wish to visit the monastery, you can rent a cab from the airport or use local transport like auto-rickshaws and taxis. The best time to visit is from October to March when you can be a part of various festivals being celebrated in this village.

Radha Krishna Temple

Located close to Assam Medical College, the Radha Krishna temple is set in a beautiful location and is dedicated to Hindu gods & goddess. Unlike other religious areas, this temple is not very crowded and you can spend some quiet peaceful moments here. The serene environment of the temple campus will steal your heart and soothe your soul. As soon as you enter the gate, you’ll feel the spirituality of the environment all around. You can also take a stroll around the green premises of the temple and sit or relax in the huts built inside the premises.

Shri Jagannath Temple

Built in the Khanikar area of the city, the Jagannath Temple of Dibrugarh is a replica of the Shri Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. Surrounded by lush green tea gardens, the temple is a masterpiece in craftsmanship. The most impressive architectural feat is crafting in red stone. The temple is said to be the second-largest in India after Puri in terms of its magnitude and size. The consecration of the temple was carried out by the priests of the Tirupati Balaji Temple, in 2014. Since then, the temple has witnessed a regular influx of believers, followers and tourists. Devotees can visit the temple every day from 07:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Apart from the above, there are a couple of other places you might like to explore, which includes the Heritage Museum and the Anthropological Museum of Indigenous People.

Dibrugarh is an awesome destination and is known for its mesmerising tea gardens, the dreamy weather and some of the most beautiful sights that will steal your heart. The district is ideal for wildlife lovers. Its lush green pastures and dense forests will seem like a place just out your fantasy. This city will give you both peace of mind, places to chill out and opportunities to shop to your heart’s content.

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