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India’s first ever Light and New Media Arts Festival is set to mesmerise the audience

India gears up to live a time of their lives with lights and art. emrg2020 in collaboration with Delhi Tourism, Government of NCT of Delhi is set to enthral audiences with India’s biggest Light and New Media Arts Festival. The festival endeavours to put a common public space in a different light by using various light and art installations for creating moments of magic, curiosity, joy and wonder to fascinate the people

emrg2020 moves forward with the goal to create experiences that stay illuminated in everybody’s memory. The play of interactivity will allow the public to just engage with space and forget their socio-cultural differences. The event is a creatives’ paradise with the theme- “collective consciousness”. It endeavours to assemble in a public space, an otherwise estranged group of people, by making them forget their socio-cultural differences and remember only one thing – putting on the same lens of festive fervour together to find something playful, exciting and curious which is ‘visible’ and ‘hidden’ at the same time. Hidden because any interactive installation won’t respond unless one touches it, thereby, making them appear intriguing and suspenseful. While their overall weird and unusual appearance would be apparent or visible
to everyone.

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According to Mr Hitesh Kumar, Founder, Artillume, the rationale behind amalgamating art and technology is the new lens or means it offers to view the outside world and its everyday happenings. While traditional art allows an artist to subtly capture and communicate on a canvas anything of either personal or global interest, the fact remains that not all artists are proficient in expressing themselves using a brush and a paint. In fact, some excel in self-expression using new media art techniques/technologies. It is here the combination of art and technology comes handy as it caters to the needs and expertise of all artist categories.

He further says, “We are confident of a phenomenal response from the general public and expect to generate a combined footfall of 100,000+ visitors comprising students from premier engineering colleges & design colleges, new media artists and the entertainment fraternity.”

Though light and entertainment itself are major tractions but with variety in the show will be a bonus. Visitors thronging to emrg2020 will be visually and experientially pampered by 40+ immersive & interactive light art installations and mesmerising projection mapping shows. Regardless of age differentials, there will be something for everybody, be it a child, teenager, adolescent or an adult. So, on one hand, children will witness a hands tree with laser beams brighten up with each hug or embrace. While, on the other hand, the Panchtantra stories, constantly reminding the adults of their grandmas, will embark them (adults) on a nostalgic journey filled with childhood memories.

With approximately 40+ immersive and interactive light art installations, projection mapping shows, minimum 10 artists (India and abroad) participating, the event is preparing to enchant audiences of Delhi followed by Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai this year.

emrg2020 is way beyond the light element, which deals purely with fun or entertainment aspect for the public. The essence of the festival is to reiterate and communicate to the people in and around Delhi, the belief about the potential of public spaces and art in reviving and expressing a collective spirit of togetherness.

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