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Jim Corbett National Park is not just about jungle safaris. It has more to it.

One of the largest and most conservative bio-reserves of India, Jim Corbett National Park is on every travellers bucket list. While most people come here to see the elusive tigers, jungle safari is not the only thing you should be excited about. Camping, fishing, trekking, biking, bird watching, relaxing ashore a stream are few other things that most visitors miss.

Camp Near the Corbett Falls

Located about 25 kms from Ramnagar, Corbett Water Falls is surrounded by dense teak wood forest which extends its natural beauty. Corbett Falls flow down from a height of 20 meters, with gurgling sound complemented by the chirps of hundreds of birds. A visit to the Corbett falls is a worthy choice as it is a great place for camping, picnicking or relaxing. One can come here for a day camping with family and friends. Forest authorities have provided basic facilities for the guests.

Tents at The Golden Tusk

Explore The Corbett Museum

The Corbett Museum brings the memory of the life of “Jim Corbett” and activities of the spectacular and distinguished person in the jungle of the Kumaon hills. The museum is a heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett, the renowned hunter turned environmentalist who raised the value of wildlife conservation. A visit to the museum can help you learn about the importance of wildlife while roaming around the vast and majestic vicinity of the Corbett Reserve. The museum holds many belongings of Jim Corbett, including personal articles, paintings, sketches, manuscripts and last hunt of its own.

Fishing at Kosi river

Home of many aquatic species and fishes, the national park offers lot of opportunities for angling enthusiasts. Anglers from around the world come here in search of fishes like mahseer fish, goonch fish and several species of carps and loaches. Goonch is a giant catfish that can grow to a length of over six feet and can run to 250 lb. This species is widespread throughout Asia, but the largest specimens are usually reported from India. The name Mahasheer is made up of two local words – “Maha” meaning big and “sher” meaning lion. The Golden mahasheer has been known to reach 2.75 m in length and 54 kg in weight.

Fishing is quite popular in Jim Corbett

A Spiritual Tribute

Situated near Ramnagar in Uttarakhand, the Garjiya Devi Temple is considered a sacred shrine that is believed to have been formed by the mud and clay that came along during a flood, years ago. Surrounded by the Kosi river tributary, the temple holds a rich, religious significance and the locals have a book full of stories associated with its formation and existence. People in Garjiya village are deeply associated with the temple. Both the temple and the river tributary in this area stand as major tourist attractions and the locals and priests passionately narrate tales about the formation and importance of the temple and the surrounding holy water

Bird Watching

The national park has a long list of birds in its habitat and a visit would surely be a rewarding experience for ornithologists as well as bird lovers. With over 650 bird species, including the migratory birds, the best time to watch these is in winters, around November-January. You can easily come across species like Darter, Little Green Heron, Pond Heron, Crested Hawk Eagle, Booted Hawk Eagle, Pallas Fishing Eagle, Himalayan Greyheaded Fishing Eagle, Cinerous Vulture, Crested Serpent Eagle etc.

Great Hornbill spotted at Jim Corbett

Stay options

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the biggest national parks in India. Tourism Management has distributed the national park into five zones so that tourists can tour the park with much more convenience. All the five zones are facilitated with an entrance gate. The Golden Tusk is a leisure resort spread in over seven acres of the meticulously landscaped estate situated 5 km short of Jhirna & Dhlea zone of Corbett National Park, on the banks of a monsoon river – Dhela. It celebrates picturesque countryside in the backdrop of forest that is an abode to rich biodiversity. Forty well-appointed accommodation, multi-cuisine & specialty dining, a wellness centre, a gamut of recreation facilities and specially designed excursion itineraries offer a complete getaway experience. The rooms are further divided into Villa, Villa Grande, Tiger Suite, Forest View Suites, Country View Suites, and Luxury Tents.

Words: Provati Dutta.

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