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“Surrounded by green tea estates, Dibrugarh Airport is expanding remarkably assuring greater customer satisfaction”

On the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river lies Dibrugarh, also known as ‘The Tea City of India’. The third largest populated city in Assam, Dibrugarh is filled with luscious greenery found both in and around the city. Dibrugarh is also home to the enormous presence of tea, oil and gas, power and textile industries. Flaunting the rich cultural heritage of Assam, Dibrugarh is the gateway of tourism for Arunachal Pradesh and few other majordistricts of Upper Assam. The colourful and vibrant town of Dibrugarh is also considered to beamong the top major cities in Northeast India that is developing at a fast pace and coming up as the ultimate communication and industrial hub. Positioned approximately 439 km away from the city of Guwahati, Dibrugarh
is well connected with the rest of India by air, with several carriers like IndiGo, Vistara, Air India and SpiceJet operating daily flights.


History of Dibrugarh Airport dates back to the early 1950s when a handful of passengers used to travel on just a single flight. Also known as Mohanbari Airport, it is situated at a distance of about 15 kmnorth east from the Dibrugarh city and located at a height of 362 ft above sea level. The airport features 1,829 m long runway and is facilitated with Distance Measuring Instrument (DME), Non Directional Beacon (NDB) navigation aids, landing aids and visual instruments.

In 2009, the New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB) was commissioned to cater to the needs of increasing passenger traffic and since then Dibrugarh Airport has been growing at an impeccable rate. The NITB covers an area of 10,536 square metres and has 500 seating capacity, including arrival and departure sections, and is equipped with 10 check-in counters, three XBIS check-in baggage screening machine and two aerobridges.


The airport is well linked, directly or indirectly, through flights to all prime cities in India. Direct flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati and other certain parts of the country to the airport are regularly operated. With the increase in number of flights flying out from Dibrugarh Airport, Bagdogra in Siliguri, West Bengal, has been added to the already existing connections to Guwahati, Kolkata and Delhi. A total number of 10 flights, including flights of Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Vistara, are currently operating from the airport.‘Gayan’ and ‘Bayan’ placed at the entrance


Dibrugarh Airport has witnessed a significant growth of around 112 per cent of passenger traffic over the decade. For the year 2018-19, the total passenger movement was 3,84,595 as compared to 3,41,677 in 2017-18. Looking at the growth, Vistara Airlines commenced their operations from Dibrugarh with a flight from Delhi and IndiGo also added another direct flight to Delhi in 2019-20.


The airport is equipped with 10 Common User Terminal Equipment (CUTE) counters for facilitating quick and hassle free check-in. Further, to minimise the check-in time, Dibrugarh Airport also provides three self-check-in KIOSK machines. Keeping in check the safety of the customers, the airport has installed five X-RAY Baggage Inspection System (XBIS) machines.

“Dibrugarh Airport secured 1st position in the ‘Best Decorated Airport’ during Independence Day 2019 amongst AAI airports”

The airport is also facilitated with all the necessary navigational aids to ensure safe flight operations viz. Doppler Very High Frequency (DVOR) with High Power DME, Instrument Landing System (ILS), which includes localiser and glide path with low power DME, NDB, Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and GAGAN Receiver. Dibrugarh Airport is potentially provisioned with two Crash Fire Tenders (CFTs), two ambulances, two portable shelters, one life detector for emergencies. Sanitary napkin vending machines are provided at all the ladies washrooms of the Terminal Building promoting health and hygiene of women. Such developments at the airport have also led to a consistent improvement in the Customer Satisfaction Survey Ratings.


Assam, being home to over 15 different communities, has a very rich and diverse culture. To showcase such rich and diverse culture, Dibrugarh Airport displays various local artworks, both inside and outside the Terminal Building. Artworks depicting the traditional dance forms of various communities such as the Sattriya Dance, Deopahar Dance, Bagurumba Dance, Jhumur Dance and the Bihu Dance are also on display.Display of Namphakey Buddhist Monastery at Dibrugarh Airport


 Dibrugarh has an excellent opportunity of exporting tea and other cargo items from the airport. Presence of industries like oil & gas, power and textile also bring in opportunities for handling cargo through the airport. Tapping on the opportunity, the airport has converted its old Terminal Building into Common User Domestic Cargo Terminal, (CUDCT) which is going to start soon. The airport also focusses on production of renewable sources of energy to ensure that the environmentis protected and to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources. Dibrugarh Airport has placed solar panels, which will generate up to 725 Kwp and will cater to about 60 per cent of the total power requirement of the airport during operations. The solar panels are placed in such a manner that it will also provide shade over the Passenger Vehicle Parking.

In order to make Dibrugarh Airport more energy efficient, all the lights inside the Terminal Building have been replaced with LED Lights reducing the power consumption by a significant amount.

Arrival Lounge of Dibrugarh Airport

The airport has banned single-use plastic and has also installed plastic bottle crushing machine, making it plastic free. With customers in focus, the airport has recently established a cab-onhire facility in the arrival area and a branded tea retail outlet in the Security Hold Area (SHA). To enhance the experience of our valuable passengers, renovation of washrooms inside the Terminal Building is in progress. Washrooms are being redesigned with modern facilities.

“Dibrugarh Airport has banned single-use plastic and has also installed plastic bottle crushing machine”

The construction of the new Air Traffic Control Tower is going to commence shortly. Towards meeting the Corporate Social Responsibility, the airport has been on the forefront by embracing Swatch Bharat initiative and has provided several vehicles to Dibrugarh Municipal Board aiming towards a garbage free Dibrugarh City.

The Departure Lounge of Dibrugarh Airport

As per the government’s directives of procurement of various items through Government e-Market Portal (GeM), Dibrugarh Airport has done more than 90 per cent of its procurement through GeM. The runway extension of 460 metres is under progress, which when completed will attract the movement of bigger aircraft and other widebodied aircraft. The runway extension of 460 metres is under progress, which when completed will attract the movement of bigger aircraft and other widebodied aircraft.


Foreseeing a further increase in passenger and air traffic movement, construction of an additional aerobridge is on the blueprint, after which the airport shall have three aerobridges. The construction of an extended canopy over the passenger drop off area shall also commence shortly. Trying to achieve new accomplishments as compared to yesteryears, Dibrugarh Airport is marching towards higher benchmarks.

Decoration of Dibrugarh Airport during 73rd Independence Day Celebration



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